Don’t Eat The Food

When there is a great deal of stress in your life, it tends to effect your subconscious. The content of your dreams changes drastically and you may even find yourself having more nightmares and panic dreams. With everything that’s been happening to me lately, it’s no surprise that I had a whopper last night.

I was traveling with friends (no one I recognize just random faces) and we went to this hotel where someone told us about this great underground club. We got on an elevator to go and it plummeted so fast you could see the action lines around you. When we arrives there was this swanky club with a man in a suit and a devious smile telling us to enjoy ourselves. I walked around for a moment then got the strangest sensation and ran back to tell me friends not to eat or drink anything or we wouldn’t be allowed to leave. I told them we had to leave right away and we were being watched. As we climbed the stairs I warned them not to look behind or we wouldn’t make it to the top.

When I woke up I was automatically reminded of Persephone and Orpheus (respectively) and what their stories entail. I wonder if I am simply responding to emotional feelings of people trying to keep me down and struggling to keep my soul in the process or wondering if I just had a trip to the Underworld!


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