Airmid’s Ointment and Peppermint Plush

My site now has it’s first two products up for grabs!

Airmid’s Ointment
-Named for the Celtic goddess of medicinal herbs, Airmid’s Ointment is excellent for dry skin and closed sores.
Try it on dry feet, knees and elbows or on sores to facilitate healing. As with all of our products this salve was made in a ritualistic environment so it’s perfect to use in your own worship or mediation sessions.
This rich salve is made from beeswax, lavender, red clover, sage, and catnip in a pure vegetable oil base. One 1 FL OZ tin per order.

Peppermint Plush Lip Balm
-With a fresh, crisp scent this lip balm is an awakening experience in lip care. The smooth texture doesn’t clump or flake on your lips. Our almond oil based formula helps repair dry, chapped lips while creating a simple, charming gloss.

Tinctures and more salves will be coming quite soon!


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