Words for the New Year

I’ve never been much for New years resolutions. They have a tendency to be far to idealistic for my tastes. Promises easily made tend to be easily broken. But then this isn’t really a New Years resolution, more like a goal I’ve been planning and working towards for nearly six months now.

The coming year holds a lot of expectancy for me. I have an associates degree to finish, a GSA to help support, an online shop to open and vending consideration to make. There is going to be a lot of activity and a lot of it stands upon the edge of a knife. I’m nervous and in the Mirror of Candor my own face sneers back, reminding me of past failures and wrong decisions, making me doubt, making me worry that this is yet another poor decision.

And yet there is, as always, the Bitch that always has my back. The one that reminds me I picked this course and it’s success or failures is dependent strictly upon my dedication to it and the level of time and effort I put into it. She is the one who reminds me not to wuss out but to press forward and find a way, even if it’s a difficult way, to make things happen. And it is her advise I follow and I take the chance and open my own business.


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