Mead Making

Now I’ve never been one to pretend I’m patient. Not in the least, but few things make me tap my feet more than having to count down days. And few things drive me more nuts than being on the day before something. So needless to say, mead making is an exercise in patience for me. One I desperately need to work out more often.

I went with a very simple recipe the first time through because I have never tried something like this before. Just some oranges and raisins to help make flavor and for the first week I have been monitoring the brew, cheching on it, watching for the bubbles (which yes I discovered are not really necessary for a functional mead) and then…waited…

…and waited…

.and waited…

…and kinda forgot about it for two weeks…

…and then my phone went off to remind me there was only a few days left until I needed to change the mead over and remembered I needed to sterilize everything to siphon it over.

It was an exciting moment for me! Not just because I was relieved to open up the bucket and see that everything looked the way it should.

*sigh of relief*

Also I feel the lack of engineering expertise when I’m trying to figure out how to work a siphoning hose. Yeah…doing it for the first time folks, remember that.

Spilled a little bit on myself and tasted it. Not sure how it should taste at this stage of the game but it was a little sour. Most mead I’ve had is sweet. Need to drop by Got Mead and see if it’s okay and if not what I can do to sweeten it up.

Now it’s sitting comfortably on my table, ready to sit and brew for another two months before being bottled. In another month I am going to start another recipe. I’m thinking something with ginger & peaches in it.

One Response to “Mead Making”

  1. Leave it to you to make a brewing mead entertaining!

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