They say imitation is the sincerest for of flattery, but then again that implies both credit to the original and at least some of your own direction.

Plagiarism, in other words, is not flattering.

Please do what you can to contact an admin or to spread the word that Sarah Lawless, (otherwise known as Witch of the Forest Grove) is being plagiarized on FB by Damien Black Raven.

The Witch of Forest Grove

Charred blackthorn heart

It still utterly and completely boggles my mind why anyone would intentionally do something dishonourable to a witch – especially a witch who works openly with both hands and has a small army of sympathetic spirits with teeth and claws. It doesn’t happen often, but more than I’d like of late. What is it about chicken hearts and blackthorns and hot flames that some people just can’t comprehend?

A man has been plagiarizing my blog posts and one of my illustrations as his own on his Facebook page and a witchcraft Facebook group he runs. He asked no permission of me, gives no credit, no links back to me, and lets the readers and commenters assume the words are his – even granting one permission to copy an article into their grimoire as if he had the right to! I was taught to call bullshit on people and not to…

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