Spring Cleaning

Every spring we clean. There is something cathartic (if exhausting) about it. The house has been closed up from snow and cold airs and people all winter. Even if this winter was by far less cold than on usual. But it does mean that things gather in the shadowy corners, like dust, spider webs and dirt in the deep recesses of the carpet.

So we rent a Rog Doctor and work all day till the house is clean and all the aged smells are swept outside.

The reason I bring this up is because there is a ritual to it. Not specifically in the cleaning itself, but in the clearing away of the old and the celebration of the new and fresh. The air here smells green and the sun feels so good on yours back it’s almost a loathsome thing to come inside.We bring in flowers and decorate the house in colors more befitting the season. We look around to see if anything needs to be fixed or trashed. It feels good.

Also, I have been having some trouble as of late with my alter. How to put this succinctly. My alter is lacking in personality.

I took some time to adjust things and turn the altar into a working space for my herbs and such. I felt it wasn’t disrespectful to use up more of the altar room for practical needs. But still I feel the alter lacking…almost churlish.

I will have to figure out what I want to do with it. But in the meantime I have made a small altar in the bedroom, one dedicated to love and sexuality. I am delicious in my sex life with my wife and those who know me know just how much. Now that it’s made it seems almost strange that we never had one before.



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