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Possiby seeking coven

Posted in Uncategorized on April 30, 2012 by theredlass

Something about Beltane makes me restless.

Never mind that it feels more like Imbolc around here. Friggin Ohio weather.

Maybe it’s the thought of gigantic bonfires or the opening of the spirit world or the fact that any excuse to have a grand amount of sex in the name of the fertility of the earth is a good excuse. 😀

Beltane is another one of the big fire festivals, a pretty important time for pagans. It is a time during which livestock was driven between two fires to purify them before setting them back out into the field with their new offspring to graze. People danced around the Maypoles (a decorated representation of a phallus) to encourage fertility in the earth, the livestock, and themselves. It was a popular time for weddings, when couples were hand fasted for a year with one another to see if they were able to remain married and start a family together.

I’ll take some time today to decorate my altar. I am considering some ripe fertility symbols both indoors and in the yard. Though I’m not sure how well a 20 foot penis on the lawn would go over…


I will admit something though. Sometimes it can be difficult to celebrate the holidays when you don’t really have anyone to celebrate with. Once again I find myself in that awkward position of wanting and yet avoiding contact with other witches. Casual meetings go well enough. Pagan Pride Days are always interesting and a good experience (I have a thing for drum circles :D) to have. But for most groups the big holidays are private affairs and outside witches just aren’t invited. Which I understand well enough, but at the same time…I do kinda miss it.

Yes, yes I know I’m whining and not doing anything about it.

There are a couple of local groups. One is eclectic with a strong clergy training feel and the other is female centered with emphasis on family. Not sure if either is still running though. Pagan groups have a tendency to go in and out, members break apart and such.

I have debated starting my own group, but at the moment I have enough on my plate. Not to mention I don’t really have any credentials that would make me qualified to head a group.

Maybe something casual though. Nothing too formal, just get together, worship, exchange ideas… perhaps.

There comes a time when we all seek the kinship of our fellows.

Why Did We Stop

Posted in Uncategorized on April 26, 2012 by theredlass

I ran across this really neat site today that held my normally Skyrim devoted attention for several hours.

After a while I was talking to my mom on the phone and I brought up some of the different DIY projects on there like how to make your own cheese and all and she started telling me about her summers she spent up in Oklahoma on the family farm (yes there is a family farm) and what they used to do with my great grandmom. She told me that a lot of the stuff I was talking about was stuff she could have taught me at any time.

So why didn’t she?

To which she responded: “Well why would I reach you to make cheese when the store is a block away?”

So is that it? Just convenience? Is that the sole reason we don’t do any of this cool shit any more? Is that the reason why people charge extra for it at Whole Foods?


Yeah I know it has to do with more than just convenience sake. I know the economy forced people to work longer hours which limited their time spent at home (men and women both), and the urban sprawl demanded more land which caused the deterioration of a thriving farming community. I know that stuff, but it’s a little startling to realize that something so common place just one, ONE generation ago is a novelty these days.

Any who, try the cheese recipe, it’s amazing.

Of Cereal and Business

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*squeels* You remember when you were a kid and you would eat box after box of crappy, tasteless cereal in order to get enough box tops to send off for the prize? And then you would wait not-so-patiently for the day when that prize would arrive? Well that’s something of what it’s like waiting for items you’ve ordered when you run your own business. You work hard, scrimp and save in order to be sure you can afford what you need and then once your order is placed you check the mail each and every day (even though you are tracking your order on-line) for everything to get there.

It’s going to be a flurry of activity over the next month. I have a mead tasting I’m hosting this Saturday, once the containers are delivered I have to renew my Peppermint Plush lipstick, start a Ginger Tincture, make cough syrup, finish the Pumpkin Poultice and start placing more orders for the teas and lotions I’m going to be featuring. The Ashville Viking Festival is coming up soon so me and a group are going up there. I need to fill out the information for Springfield Farmer’s Market, get that sent off. Set up for Spring Fling at the college aaaaaaaaaaaand…



For those who don’t know, I am originally from Texas. I moved up to Ohio about 9 years ago to be with my girlfriend (now my wife) and because of finances I have only been back to see my family 3 times. <_> Well they are finally going to be able to come up here so that I can show them around. We have a lot of plans. Yellow Springs Street Fair, Wright Pat Airforce Museum, all that good stuff. But most of all it’s just going to be nice to have my family around!

Friday the 13th

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I’m not the sort to ever be superstitious. Ironic when you think about it really. But Friday the 13th is a day of all and all good luck for me at least. I recently good some very good news regarding my graduation and it makes me very happy to know so many people care about me so much as to help me out.

That being said, I’m a little bit worried about my business at the moment. My vending events are going well enough. A little bit of money here and there is always helpful. I never expected this to generate a large income. But I have only had 1 person order from me online (to whom I am grateful). I need to find ways of promoting. With a little planning I will be able to do the Springfield’s Farmer’s Market this summer and that will be 18 Saturdays of constant business!