Friday the 13th

I’m not the sort to ever be superstitious. Ironic when you think about it really. But Friday the 13th is a day of all and all good luck for me at least. I recently good some very good news regarding my graduation and it makes me very happy to know so many people care about me so much as to help me out.

That being said, I’m a little bit worried about my business at the moment. My vending events are going well enough. A little bit of money here and there is always helpful. I never expected this to generate a large income. But I have only had 1 person order from me online (to whom I am grateful). I need to find ways of promoting. With a little planning I will be able to do the Springfield’s Farmer’s Market this summer and that will be 18 Saturdays of constant business!


4 Responses to “Friday the 13th”

  1. Kay-bird Says:

    Hey girly. I’ll be sure to try and help you on the 16th with selling your products! Glad things went well for you on the 13th.

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