Why Did We Stop

I ran across this really neat site today that held my normally Skyrim devoted attention for several hours.


After a while I was talking to my mom on the phone and I brought up some of the different DIY projects on there like how to make your own cheese and all and she started telling me about her summers she spent up in Oklahoma on the family farm (yes there is a family farm) and what they used to do with my great grandmom. She told me that a lot of the stuff I was talking about was stuff she could have taught me at any time.

So why didn’t she?

To which she responded: “Well why would I reach you to make cheese when the store is a block away?”

So is that it? Just convenience? Is that the sole reason we don’t do any of this cool shit any more? Is that the reason why people charge extra for it at Whole Foods?


Yeah I know it has to do with more than just convenience sake. I know the economy forced people to work longer hours which limited their time spent at home (men and women both), and the urban sprawl demanded more land which caused the deterioration of a thriving farming community. I know that stuff, but it’s a little startling to realize that something so common place just one, ONE generation ago is a novelty these days.

Any who, try the cheese recipe, it’s amazing.


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