12 Month Challenge-via M.Shaffer

The concept here is that once a month for twelve months, participants will blog an answer to one of the following essay questions. I got a peek of it on M.Shaffer’s blog and thought it sounded like a good idea. These are topics I have often had swimming around my head from time to time and it’s nice to find an outlet to present and discuss them.


1. Procrastination and Hesitation. Is there something you have been wanting to do “craft” wise and why haven’t you done it yet?

2. Ancestors. Many Pagan paths choose to honor the ancestors in one way or another. The question is how well do you know your own ancestors? Pick some one from your Family tree and write a short biography about them.

3. Blast From the Past. Most Neo-pagan paths draw inspiration from one or more ancient cultures. What ancient culture(s) inspire you and why?

4. Divination. Do you believe in and / or practice divination? Why or why not?

5. War of the Sexes. It is not uncommon to find gender exclusive groups within the pagan community. Do you think this practice  is healthy or harmful to the pagan community?

6. Astral Travel. Do you believe in and/or practice astral travel, why or why not?

7. Summer Blockbuster. If you were to create a pagan movie what would it be about?

8. ET and Alters. Where does the idea of aliens fit in to your spiritual believes?

9. Schools In. If some one was to approach you about teaching them about paganism how would you handle it? What would your lesson plans look like?

10. Alternative History. Pick an ancient culture and write a short story about what the world would be like if that culture never lost its momentum or got conquered.

11. Pyramid Power, Healing Crystals and Telepathy Oh My! Pick a fringe topic and discuss it.

12. Day Dream. Pretend you have created your perfect coven describe what it would be like and how it would be ran.

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