12 Month Challenge-via M.Shaffer: Ancestors

Yes yes I know this is supposed to be a 12 month challenge but realistically I won’t make it. 🙂 So it’s just as nice to do one per week.

As far as ancestors go, there is one particular family story that every child, grandchild and great grandchild in my family knows. I can’t promise as to it’s validity or how factual it really is, but it never failed to entertain and it has always been a story passed around at every family meeting.

My great great great great great great grandad (that’s my great grandads great grandad) was a horse thief. Apparently a rather well known one because the Texas Rangers had a bounty out on him. Well one time they started to get so close that he had to leave Texas and ship out to Oklahoma Territory in order to escape. The family name at that time was Franklin Geigis (Geagess) so when the Rangers started asking around about him, he dropped the Geigis off his name and headed up into Cherokee territory. He brought the horses with him and used them to get in good with the tribes which eventually lead to a marriage with a Cherokee woman (who’s name we were never told).

Today that side of my mom’s side of the family still own a nice piece of land up in Counsel Hill, Oklahoma and the families name is Franklin. We do have a branch of Geigis out there somewhere and every once in a while we will hear from one of them.

My great grandmothers name is Hazel and is known both by the family and by the neighbors affectionately as “Witch Hazel”. I’m not going to claim it has any baring on my interest in witchcraft. I never saw any evidence that she was any sort of witch traditional or otherwise. But I do know she never made a meal she bought from the store, she always knew how to fix a beesting or cut, and she is currently 98 years old and just now getting to the point where she needs a little help to get by. She has also lent a great deal of credence to the rumor that the woman in my family almost always outlive the men by 20-30 years. Makes it feel good to be a lesbian. 😀

I have seriously considered joining ancestry.com or something to discover more. I know somebody in my family did research a little while back and found some decent info on our nacestory but for the most part it’s kinda hit and miss.

As far as my father’s side of the family goes, I know we are very very Irish. Not my grandparents but my great great grandparents on that side came over directly from Ireland. I have to confess I don’t know that much about that side of the family. My biological father left when I was 2 so all I know of him is what my mom remembers. I had briefly considered contacting him now that I am an adult. Just for the sake of knowing him as a person, but that ship has sailed. He died 4 years ago.



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