Magpie Syndrome

One of the things about walking down this path is we all seem to share traits with the common magpie.

We like stuff.

Don’t deny it. Don’t pretend it’s not true. I honestly can’t think of anyone who needs wands carved from every one of the sacred druid trees. But I know people who have them. No one needs 100 tarot decks, but I have a friend who has 128 at last count. You don’t need a pentacle to decorate every wall and available surface in your house, but…

You get the point. I’m not condemning anyone who has this habit. I’m just as guilty as anyone else with the exception that my girlfriend has a far more developed sense of aesthetics than I do and limits my pagan decor to tasteful pieces here and there. But the truth is we all love that brand new statue of Hekate or that wood carving of a Viking Mead Hall and just can not stop ourselves from grabbing it.

However if truth must be told, that shit is EXPENSIVE! Now that I have gotten past my original neophyte lust for all things shiny, I have made a person policy never to buy something I can make myself, and never spend more than $25 on any item. Yes it may mean I can not buy that gold plated replica of a real Egyptian mummification tool. But it will mean I can keep buying food and paying my rent.

So what is a pagan to do? Well…you trade. Goods, services, abilities. You look at the people you already know and offer to trade services with one another. For instance, I really love the smudge wands from Red Moon Design. I think the artistry and effort put into them is beautiful and if I had $120 to spend I would totally buy it. But seeing as how I like having electricity, I made some bargains on my own part.

I went over to a friends house to help them move and she gave me a turkey tail from one of her dads hunting trips. I cleaned the feather bottoms and store it for a while until I found out one of my friends was some wood from his pecan tree to make into wands and such and offered to let him have the fan in exchange for using some of the feathers to make me a smudge wand.

He may also be making me a large phallus out of ash but that’s an entirely other matter.

The point is, you don’t have to pay through the nose for items you really want. You just have to put in a little extra effort. Granted there are just somethings you can’t make yourself either because you don’t know how or don’t know anyone who can make it. But there are a lot of sites and videos out there that show you how to make different items.

So, apologies to all the people out there I would love to spend my money on. But I’m going to do my best to make as much as I can on my own.


6 Responses to “Magpie Syndrome”

  1. I saw a recent offering from Red moon of crescent moon wands which I thought were great. Then I sent the link on to a friend who mentioned that they’d be pretty easy to make. Not that I would mind giving her money, since I like her work, but I am with you and do need to be able to pay bills more.

    • I saw those! Lovely work there but I think they would be relatively simple to create. Then again a lot of what goes into it is craftsmanship. Something can be simple to make buy if you want it to look a certain way or have a certain flair sometimes that comes down to ability and craft.

  2. greycatsidhe Says:

    That’s wonderful! As an artisan, supporting other artisans is very important to me. However, life is expensive. And unless it’s something you dont have the tools or knowledge to try making, I feel more Pagans should try to make their own tools. It puts ones energy into it!

    • There are some things I may decide to buy. Like a drum. I just don’t know anyone who can make me a drum and is willing to exchange goods and services for it.

      • Right – things like that I completely understand. And drums require quite the process to make. You could take the perspective that you will find one when you’re meant to. That’s how I found my bodhran. I happened upon it at a flea market and got an amazing deal on it. Best of luck!

      • Flea markets and Goodwill are a frugal pagans best friends.

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