Litha & the Fairy World

One of the most favorite pagan holidays second to Samhain, Litha or Midsummer is widely celebrated and widely recognized as a prime time for gatherings, festivals, chanting and magical work. For many of us it is a time when the wee folk are about en force and we are able to interact with them with greater ease.

I have never been fond of the kewpie doll faeries that seem to grace so many artists imagination. Mind you this is not a comment on the art itself, there are people out there who are for more aesthetically gifted than I and I won’t insult them by suggesting otherwise. It’s the faces themselves. Stupid, placid, vacant faces with not a wit or thought to them.They never looked real, the resembled angelic concepts more than the wild world I associate with the fey.

I always imagined that, if I were to see a fairy, it would look like something out of Brian Froud’s work. Strange, feral, powerful and as frightening as alluring. I have never had the good luck to see one. Not that I am aware of at any rate. It is one of those times when my common sense wars with my desire to just let myself believe like I did when my grandad told me the fireflies glowed because they had bulbs stuck in their butts.

So for Litha I am going to build a fairy home.

I’m not a carpenter, but the local craft store has birdhouses on sale for a $1 a pop. And while I may not be artistic, I am one crafty witch. Sand and pine brushes, marbles and fake gems, moss and leaves, it’s fascinating what can be accomplished with glue and time. I know I want to make a nest inside of birch and clover. I think it would be best to nail it up in a tree so the neighborhood cats can’t get at it readily. Perhaps hang some chimes around it.

Does anyone reading this have any experience with the wee folk? There are a million sites out there that will tell you what to use to attract them, but has anyone any practical experience to offer? Any suggestions as to what has worked for you?


4 Responses to “Litha & the Fairy World”

  1. Fae is a state of mind reached through deep relaxation in nature or the meditative but attentive state one achieves when doing creative work–so your fae house building with natural materials sounds a good plan to me…Here are a few of my fae things you might enjoy:

    • *gasps* Their amazing.

      I understand what you mean about the meditation part. I have never had much luck with just sitting there and trying to clear my mind, ADHD and all that. But doing something creatively focused I feel is very zen. Cooking (especially baking) crafting, writing, anything that bring my attention to a single point and drowns out everything else in the area.

      Thank you for the advise and the examples. They are some really amazing work.

  2. What a fantastic and cheeky Grandfather 😉 I’m still chuckling to myself.

    I tend to agree with you regarding the Fae, I can’t see them as sweet and benign. Even Cicely Mary Barker acknowledged a darker side with her Deadly Nightshade fairy!
    Not for nothing are the old folk tales of the unwary, being lured to a sticky end…

    I feel I have experienced a sense of them, to me there’s an anarchy, an age, a primal darkness. I stay still, listen and observe.

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