Where Hast Thou Been?

I usually try and make a point of updating at least once every two weeks, hopefully once every week, and I have been!

…just not here…

I was recently hired by the Ohio Renaissance Festival to be one of their performers for the 2012 year!! For the last month I have been in the middle of nowhere learning all about the Elizabethan era, Sumptuary Law, accents and everything. I decided to open a blog regarding my position and, especially with me being a newbie, for other performers to come and comment on and enjoy. head on over to Scripts From the Faire to see what all I’ve been up to.



2 Responses to “Where Hast Thou Been?”

  1. chefette13 Says:

    I love the other site thank you for sharing it with us!! Sorta like being there. I hope it’s cooler there than it is here (VA), drink plenty of water!!

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