Teaching Wiccopagacraft

I think there comes a point in every practitioners life where in they get asked to teach someone else about what it is we are, what we do, what we believe in.

That is also the exact same moment when you start wondering if you know enough to teach someone else.

A friend of mine has been interested in expanding her knowledge for several years and had set up a group. Not a coven yet, more a discussion group for Wicca/Pagan/Witchcraft. They have been meeting for a while and she wants to group to go further so she asked me to go in tonight and help kind of steer the conversation towards more spiritual pursuits. The group gets off topic easily and everyone there is very very new to this whole ting.

And the whole time I’m sitting there wondering DAFUQ am I going to teach?

I told her that I am happy to help moderate. That I’ll share whatever knowledge I can with people. But I also reminded her (and myself) that spirituality, especially our brand, is a very individualistic pursuit of knowledge and meaning. I can lend advise and give suggestions. I can speak from my own experiences in order to make some things easier.
But I can’t pretend I am some wise arch druid or high priestess coming down to tell people how it’s going to be. In fact that is the exact thing I despise about so many covens and groves out there. That and the rivalry. Erugh.

Still, I’ll see how it goes. I have been wanting to get back into the community so this may be the universe giving me an opening.


One Response to “Teaching Wiccopagacraft”

  1. I think your choice was very wise. 🙂 You admit that you don’t know it all (which many people are incapable of admitting), and you offered your services but you’re not in over your head. Good job!

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