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Teaching Wiccopagancraft: The Result

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So…not as bad as I thought.

We ended up with a much bigger group than I thought was going to be there. Like 12-13 people total. We had some food, relaxed in front of the bonfire, shared some mead and chatted. Once everyone got there we decided to use a talking stick (yes a throwback from the kindergarten days) in order to make sure those who wanted a chance to speak would get it. We started off by introducing ourselves and who portions of spirituality we were interested in and just in general what we knew about the craft. We talked about what we are interested in learning and just got to know one another in this vein.

We talked about some of the experiences we’ve had both growing up and now that we’re grown. I tried to explain it as a chicken or the egg discussion. Did you start having these experiences because you are attracted to this spirituality or are you attracted to this spirituality because you had these experiences? It’s a significant question. I also borrowed a concept from Witch of the Forest Grove when I told them that once you start heading down this path you will find that weird shit happens to you more and more.

I made a point of bringing what I call the 3 Pitfalls of Beginners Paganism with them. And I can safely say these are 3 mistakes I made in my neophyte era so I felt justified in bringing them up.

Pitfall 1) Avoid giving yourself a craft name, especially one that follows the trend of Color AnimalPlant or which includes pompous titles like Lord or Lady. The queen did not knight you. You are not a Lord or Lady. To me it reflects a sense of trying to control the spiritual around you, not allowing it to come as it will. I also reminded them that craft names are supposed to be sacred things and not shared outside the coven. They are not for use in every day life. You do not use it to sign your homework.

Pitfall 2) Altars are not giant piles of categorized stuff. Few people have an expanse of counter space in their house which they can take up with crystals and athames and chalices. Add on top of that the fact that most of us try to have our main altar in a backroom where in we may never actually go unless we have a purpose. *guilty cough* My personal thoughts on altars are Keep it Simple Stupid. Make your altars with specific dedication, make them small, and put them in places where you pass by daily. I took one of those plain wooden boxes you can buy at Craft’s 2000, repainted it, and put a picture hanger attachment on the back. It’s going to be my altar to Hekate (if someone will ever send the fucking statue). Still, keep it simple. Use a cabinet to keep the stuff for rituals in. It also has the benefit of being visually appealing and can be easily written off by non-practitioners as decoration.

Pitfall 3) Your Book of Shadows is not stuff you have hand copied from other peoples books. That is why you BOUGHT those books, so you could use them as reference. DO NOT COPY. That is plagiarism. I look at a grimoire more like a combination of a journal and a scientific notebook. It is about your experiences for you to mark and reflect on. A way to look back and develop your spirituality from how you lived it.

Then we moved on to other topics after this but still, I at least felt like I contributed something. We all agreed to get back together in another two weeks. I’m debating doing like homework assignments, not just for them but for me too.