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Fair Warning-Rant Ahead

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*sigh* There are certain things I despise about groups. Drama being one of them. I try to convince myself that it is all park of a groups evolution. That you can’t force people into behaving themselves and that when it comes right down to it, people have to choose whether or not they want to be a member of a group, especially one like ours, and if they choose to leave then that is perfectly within their rights and fare thee well.

But does it have to include such extreme levels of bull shit and name calling and drama?

I won’t get into the whole spiel, mainly because it isn’t important anymore, but suffice it to say our group of 16 is now about 5 or 6. Some players left because they got a little spooked at the prospect, others because their time constraints didn’t allow for our meetings, and some because “we aren’t moving fast enough, we’re just sitting around and talking instead of doing spells!”

*sigh* But none the less I feel like those of us who are left are honestly interested in pursuing the spiritual, metaphorical side of paganism just as much as the spells and magick portion. I’m still setting up the curriculum and everything.


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Just…just read it.

A Year in the Spiritual

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So that while Teaching Wiccapagocraft thing…

Yeah we’ve decided to make it a full out class.

“Class” meaning that we will be gathered together in pursuit of the same general goal of furthering our spirituality and (possibly) becoming a coven/circle/grove/ around Samhain 2013.

Less of a class in the fact that I will be doing the exact same thing all the “students” are doing because I think it will be just a beneficial for me to go through it as everyone else and share my own experiences as oppose to pretending I’m a teacher or qualified under whichever pagan degree is most popular right now.

I’m actually really enjoying putting this all together. There are about 10-18 of us depending upon what work schedules look like that week and we range from “I had a freaky experience and I want to go deeper” to 10 years in and out of the craft through various traditions. (Yeah the last one is me.) So for the most part I’m going to keep it eclectic and based in practical application. I’m advising that they read between 4-8 books in the next year (hey not everyone drinks books like their chugging soda) along with keeping the discussion group vibe and providing resources. We will have D.I.Y days where we teach how to make different objects for our use, Live Demonstrations (like crystal healing and ecstatic dance), Nature Walks (thankfully this part of Ohio has like 4 parks within a 30 minuet drive), celebrating the Sabbats, Crafts, and Movie Nights!

I’m still coming up with a full curriculum but I have till after October. (We decided to wait till after this years Samhain in order to see who’s going to stick around and who is just going to be in and out.) We also have some people who are still tentative about delving deeper, and this gives them some more time to really consider if they want to be involved at this level.

I’ll be honest, I’m very excited about the prospect of doing this! I kept reading and being told that when “the time is right” and “teacher will be given to you”. It never occurred to me that I’m my own damn teacher just as much as anyone else is and that simply being involved with a group would mean we could teach each other. I’m really excited for one of our members Crystal Healing demonstration. I’ve never had much luck with crystals myself, but she’s shown proficiency in this and I can’t wait to have her try it out on me. I’ll be doing an example of simple healing salves and lip balms.

I’ll probably be blogging about this from time to time, looking for advise and assistance with resources if people are willing to offer.

Start of the Harvest Season

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I’m really thrilled to know I will be spending Lammas with my spiritual discussion group! If I can find the time tomorrow I am going to try and bake an actual loaf and do a small ritual with them, but beyond that I’m going to be doing once a month cooking with my mother-in-law.

Does this sound weird, or does that sound like a Lammas celebration in and of itself?

We recently got some very troubling news which I have decided to blame on Mercury in Retrograde (from now till the 8th I am blaming shit on this cosmic event kay). This news has resulted in us being shit broke. As in having to struggle to make rent broke. But it has resulted in some good things.

1) It’s really forced me to go out and push for a job where as before I was being admittedly lackluster about it. (I have 2 interviews this week!)
2) It’s forcing us to reorder ourselves so we stop with some of our bad habits. (Like eating out 5+ times a week)
3) My mother-in-law and I have decided to split the food budget.

Here is the deal. I come from a large family where when you cooked, you cooked enough for 8 people plus lunch for everyone tomorrow. It’s been 9 years since I last had that many people but I can’t get myself out of the habit of making that much food. It’s the southerner in me I swear. Because of this we end up wasting food either by it going bad or getting freezer burn. So my in-law and I have decided to split the cost of our food budget and we will just cook a bunch of meals and split those for our freezer. We’re planning on getting 20-25 meals done over the next two days.

And as much hard work as it’s going to be, it’s also going to be a lot of fun. I get a lot of enjoyment out of cooking for people. I like making big meals that everyone enjoys and it makes me feel a sense of connection to people. There is a deep contentment when people share a meal together and it has always stuck with me.

Beyond  that I finally got my Hekate altar set up. For the longest time I had this gigantic altar in the office which I kinda…just…forgot existed most of the time. I think because I relegated it to the backroom it wasn’t somewhere that I felt any dedication to whatsoever. So I put that away and I replaced it with a small, functional altar in the living room.