Fair Warning-Rant Ahead

*sigh* There are certain things I despise about groups. Drama being one of them. I try to convince myself that it is all park of a groups evolution. That you can’t force people into behaving themselves and that when it comes right down to it, people have to choose whether or not they want to be a member of a group, especially one like ours, and if they choose to leave then that is perfectly within their rights and fare thee well.

But does it have to include such extreme levels of bull shit and name calling and drama?

I won’t get into the whole spiel, mainly because it isn’t important anymore, but suffice it to say our group of 16 is now about 5 or 6. Some players left because they got a little spooked at the prospect, others because their time constraints didn’t allow for our meetings, and some because “we aren’t moving fast enough, we’re just sitting around and talking instead of doing spells!”

*sigh* But none the less I feel like those of us who are left are honestly interested in pursuing the spiritual, metaphorical side of paganism just as much as the spells and magick portion. I’m still setting up the curriculum and everything.

4 Responses to “Fair Warning-Rant Ahead”

  1. Definitely don’t kick yourself. These things can and should take time. People who don’t understand that have never sat with a tree. We live in a culture that expects instant gratification. Those who stayed will hopefully make for a better overall learning and teaching experience.

    • Especially since everyone who joined (excluding myself) admitted to being neophytes and the reason I was asked to join was to help add what I know and give people some guidelines, it irks me a great deal that two of the people who said they had been active in this for less than a year want to push ahead and do spells and rituals and work magic without ANY regard for the group mentality and merging energies and the time it takes for a group to work magick together in any form of cohesion!!!


  2. I call that separating the wheat from the chafe. A friend recently went through this, she wanted a family and thought that after a year of Drahma and Trauma, she didn’t have one. I pointed out that the wackos and not so serious people are gone and she now has a core of 4 amazing women. Family.

    I don’t know why there must be drama but the trolls will out themselves and this is a good thing in my mind. I love this article, the website is HIDEOUS but the writing is excellent and quite helpful. http://bichaunt.org/Trolls/index.html

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