I’m always uncomfortable with Other Peoples Religions.

Context…context should come first.

Recently a family member passed away and today we had to go to her funeral.

His Catholic funeral.

Around all his very Catholic relatives.

In the very Catholic church.

It’s not that I have anything against Catholicism…alright I do but it’s all on a political perspective and has little to do with the people who actually consider themselves Catholic. Who, all in all, are very nice people.(( I was asking my wife why everyone gave kind of a half knee before entering the pew and an older gentleman turned around with a smile and said “Yeah us Catholics do some weird stuff!” and then explained that he was genuflecting.))

But it’s not specifically the Catholicism, it’s about the rules and regulations of other religions. I’m always 50% wanting to show respect to the family and their traditions by participating and 50% aware that I’m not their respective faith and I’m pretty much just faking it not to seem out of place.

One Response to “OPR”

  1. I was raised in the Catholic church and a genuflection when done correctly is when right knee actually touches the floor. anything else is just being lazy or they have a bad leg. Other than that…when ever I attended other peoples churches I just follow along and do what they do, sit, stand, kneel, sing, bow my head etc. when appropriate. Most people will catch on that you are not of their faith and take into consideration if you do something not quite right. No reason to be uncomfortable. Just being respectful is the key and is appreciate. Now of course I am no longer a Catholic and have been pagan for the past 30+ yrs…but those lessons from childhood sorta stick with you. 😉

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