One day…tea will save the world

So I know I haven’t been posting here as often as I’d like. A lot of that has to do with me keeping up on my fair blog. but don’t let that fool you! I’ve been pretty active on the witchy front, especially lately. Something about this time of year really brings the witch out of all of us.

I got a really bad sinus infection a few weeks back, which, as always, turns into a persistent angry chest congestion that makes me wheeze and growl for two weeks. I tried everything to kill it, antibiotics, water, Mucinex DM (which held it off but felt like shit). Until finally I walked into this little booth I swear I have never noticed before called Standing Stone Herbs. They sell, duh, herbs. Culinary, medicinal, and teas. I saw this little package called Suzy’s Cold and Flu and figured it couldn’t do me any harm.

By the end of the weekend my cough was gone and I was feeling better by a ton!Ever since then I’ve been starting every day with a piping hot cuppa tea. I went back last weekend and bough another kind called “Witch’s Brew”, a yummy apple scented tea with deep fall reds and oranges in it. I’m likely going to be dropping a good $20 there before the end of season.

As far as our little group goes, we’ve been getting together whenever we can. It’s sporadic, but we usually manage about 2-4 times a month with all 5 of us and we’re discussing what we want to do for the upcoming Samhain. We even started making cloaks for ourselves!

Now I know the concept of cloaks carries with it a certain connotation in some circles, but to be honest, this is Ohio. Shit gets COLD come winter and if we’re going to be holding meetings, we need to be toasty. We bought a pattern as are hard at working putting it together. Everyone is picking their own colors and fabrics, but most of us are going double sided. I picked a lovely natural green shade (which is going to be Scotchguarded like a couch before buffalo wings) and then a black fleece side which will keep me toasty warm.

The funny part is when you combine that with the silver clasp I look like I’m in Slytherin house. 😉 Our dear sweet goth girl went with black on black. Laugh if you must but she’s one of the perkiest people I know and a wiz with rocks and stones. Our energy worker chose two lovely shades of blue (which fits her personality to a T). The last two members were working so we will have to work on their stuff later.

I know this may seem a little trivial, but this is the kind of stuff I miss doing with a group! Sometimes it’s hard to get yourself motivated without people to work with and sitting here, helping people cut patterns and working the sewing machine creates a sense of community. We decided we will be doing robes within the next month or so. Thankfully robes are simple as hell, but we can all add our own embellishments to them.

Let’s be honest, witches love our costumes.

We also decided to make a Samhain mead mixture! *squeel* I’m super excited! I’ve been wanting to do this again for a while but a 5 gallon batch isn’t cheap. But with all of us chipping in it should be fine.

7 Responses to “One day…tea will save the world”

  1. In regard to sinus infections…I have looked all over the internet to see if I could find the website I got this info from but failed…several years ago I came down with a horrible sinus infection the one where your top teeth throb…I was out of work, no insurance and no money to go to the Dr.I looked up online for a home remedy for sinus infection and this is what I found: Apple cider vinegar works wonders! I will swear by it to my dying day. I followed the instructions of 16 oz. water and 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar (acv) I drank it down as quickly as possible (mixing in a little honey until I was able to do it straight) drink it down within 10-15 mins then I repeated it within the hour my teeth no longer ached and I could feel the pain easing in my head. When you are already sick continue with the drinking of the 16 oz of water and 1/4 cup of ACV every 4-6 hours like you would an antibiotic for 10-14 days to make sure it’s out of your system. If you recognize your early warning signs to how you come down with a cold or sinus infection, drink the 16 oz dose a couple of times and NORMALLY if you have caught it early enough you will not come down with it. Once you are no longer ill daily drink 8 oz of water with 2 tablespoons of ACV, I do it as part of my morning routine (drink it before you brush your teeth lol). this will maintain the amount of vinegar in your system for proper mucus flow. This is very inexpensive to do. The website said to use only organic acv but I have found that grocery store brand (cost of a gallon is about the same cost of a quart of organic btw) will work just as wonderfully, I found no difference except cost. As long as the acv you use is at least 5% acidity it will work just as well. In the almost seven years I have used this I have only needed antibiotics twice where as before starting this I was having to go to the Dr. several times a year. I have found that if you catch it quick enough it will prevent your sinus infection from going to your chest also. Also double your dose when co-workers, roommates etc are sick around you to prevent your getting sick also. Remember also the simple rule of hand washing whenever you blow your nose, don’t touch your face, eyes, nose…..I work in food service I can’t even begin to tell you how nasty people can be with blowing their noses and not washing their hands. And remember sinus infections are highly contagious. Hand washing is a key factor.

    • Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is good for a lot of things. I think the maintenance doses here will also help people control Acid Reflux. My wife has Acid Reflux, but she cannot handle taking ACV this way. Instead, she eats pickled beets which also has ACV in it (at least the ones she eats does.)

    • I approve of a lot of that, with the exception that Fair is not notorious for being clean. 🙂 That is where I got sick. Fair is like preK, one person catches something then everyone gets it.

  2. I know what you mean! Now that I’m Druid group is starting to pick up steam, I’m really excited for the possibilities. Not just ritual and learning, but fellowship like you describe.

    I’m hoping to find a quieter, more private place for us to have rituals so we can wear flowing robes and cloaks without attracting negative attention. lol

    • Yeah we all live either in the city or close to other people enough that a bunch folks in robes dancing around a fire is going to get some looks.

      But it feels good to be with people who want to get involved.

  3. You should not think what you and the group are doing is trivial. You are making tools that will enhance a state of mind that is conducive to a much more rewarding experience. I realize that there may be people who would probably criticize what you are doing as juvenile, but they may do that because they do not have rewarding experiences. Otherwise, they would not have time to be critical or condescending. Let the spirit flow.

    I remember Mucinex DM doing the same to me a couple of years ago. I thought it might have just been my own system’s reaction to it. Now that I know another person has had a similar reaction, I will (at least) caution others about using it.

    Another herbal remedy that seems to work well is Elderbery syrup, if your can find some. I read about the properties of Elderberry, but had to plant a couple of bushes in order to make my own syrup. I am fond of a teaspoon or two of the syrup in a cup of black tea. My wife made also made Elderberry jam this year, so that may also provide anti-cold/flu maintenance. The syrup worked so good last year that I planted 6 more bushes this year, and I’m thinking of trying my hand at making Elderberry wine in the future. Nevertheless, I am enthusiastic about and partial to herbal remedies.

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