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Winter in a Rush

Posted in Uncategorized on October 30, 2012 by theredlass

Oh it’s gonna be a chilly Samhain this year!

I couldn’t tell you if we’ve the hurricane or natural weather cycles to blame, but there is snow on the ground here in Springfield OH. I think we should be thankful, given that there is much less damage here than in other places. We got off light to be frank. But it’s going to make for an interesting celebration. Even if it keeps raining (which it should) it is going to be cold, wet and sloshy for the next few days. Makes me glad to decided to make Bacon, Potato, Cheddar Soup tomorrow.

I had figured something like this was going to happen. We barely had a winter last year and nature is returning full force.

How is everyone else out there holding up?


Ritual Space

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As Samhain draws closer, my group has begun setting up our ritual space in my back yard. Being that we are going to be starting out lessons after this Samhain, we decided on having two ritual spots. Since I have the bigger back yard, more out in the country, I offered to host the Sabbats. They are kind of bigger ceremonies and celebrations, and I have the room to make it more of a fete. Moon Ceremonies (not just full moon) are being hosted by a fellow member who’s yard is smaller but more intimate.

Would anyone be interested in seeing pictures once everything is up and running?

On that note, I am setting things up for the classes so that they happen every two weeks. I wanted to do them every full moon and Sabbat, but the full moons are falling very close to the Sabbats in 2013, sometimes within the same week, so that would make thing a little overly hectic and problematic for everyone. So whenever we get together, we will celebrate whatever phase the moon is in (because hey the full moon isn’t the only important one) and have our lessons.

Eyeball twitch

Posted in Samhain on October 3, 2012 by theredlass

So I will start out by saying that I do not advocate pushing your religion on others, no matter what religion you are. I want everyone to know that I did tread this path with extreme trepidation and care so as not to interfere with a families faith.

So I was babysitting today when the two oldest girls came home from school with their homework. I like talking to these two, their nice girls, smart, and easy going. The younger of the two (about 10) has to do a report on Halloween (3 pages) and where it comes from, so she check out a book from the library about Halloween and brought it home for reference.

She and I started talking about Halloween (modern incarnation) a just gabbing about why it was our favorite holiday ever when I asked her if she knew where Halloween originated. She brightened up and said “Yeah it was a Celtic festival to their god Samhain. He was a, like, death god.”

*eyeball twitch*

Me: Well…not exactly. I mean it is Celtic in origin, but Samhain isn’t a god, it’s old Gaelic for summers end.

Her: Are you sure? I mean I got it from a school book and everything.

Me: Can I see the book please?

Her: okay sure. *brings me book*

Me: *flip immediately to the publishing date* Okay this book was written in the early 80s hun. The information is seriously out of date. And, don’t take this the wrong way, but when people write books like this for kids your age, they have a tendency to over simplify.

Her: So…it’s wrong.

Me: Not wrong per say. They got the Feast of Pamona right in a general sense. But their information about Samhain, which is pronounced Sow-in, is out of date. Would you like me to help you out with this?

Her: I don’t know. I mean like I want help but we have to have a book reference. And this is the only one they had that wasn’t like a fiction book.

Me: Let me see what I can do.

So basically, I need to help this girl (who’s library resources are LIMITED) get a hold of a book about the origins of Halloween that isn’t overtly pagan/wiccan directed. I have some of my own books, but they are all firmly pagan drenched and I don’t want to present anything to her that might get her or me in trouble with the parents. Any good ideas out there? Remember, Halloween origins, 8-10 age group, non-fiction, can not be pagan.