Winter in a Rush

Oh it’s gonna be a chilly Samhain this year!

I couldn’t tell you if we’ve the hurricane or natural weather cycles to blame, but there is snow on the ground here in Springfield OH. I think we should be thankful, given that there is much less damage here than in other places. We got off light to be frank. But it’s going to make for an interesting celebration. Even if it keeps raining (which it should) it is going to be cold, wet and sloshy for the next few days. Makes me glad to decided to make Bacon, Potato, Cheddar Soup tomorrow.

I had figured something like this was going to happen. We barely had a winter last year and nature is returning full force.

How is everyone else out there holding up?



2 Responses to “Winter in a Rush”

  1. chefette13 Says:

    cold windy rainy dark here in Virginia. The Campus I work at has been closed down since Saturday morning. We have had rain since Sunday morning and it’s still raining. right where I live we have not flooded nor lost power but other cities in the area have not been so lucky. They will be cleaning up for months I’m afraid. We had a few spits of snow very early this morning but it went right back to rain. Glad to hear you are doing well and your soup sounds heavenly!! Enjoy! Blessed be.

    • Good to know not everyone is wallowing in the freezing cold with no electricity! The snow didn’t last long and then it rained and went away all together. It was a chilly chilly Samhain n wet n rainy.

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