Life on the Defensive (ranting)

Sometimes I think our community takes shit too seriously.


Apparently one of the FB groups I belong to has their broom in a knot over this recent game. The premise being that it somehow devalues and undermines all our efforts to be considered a legitimate religion in America.

My grasp of the situation is that if this is all it takes to undermine us than we haven’t done a very good job establishing ourselves in the first place. Which we haven’t.

In all honesty, this is another one of those things that has always irked me about paganism in general. We are a comparatively minority group, and because of that we seem to have taken to heart the right of a minority group to whine and kvetch about every little minor off-color thing under the sun. It’s like we are hunting for reasons to be unhappy with how we are portrayed.

What bothers me about this mindset is that is provides no alternative solution but to cause a ruckus and demean someone elses viewpoint (or in this case hard work and effort) in order to assert our own. Frankly, I am no more bothered by this than by the upcoming movie Hansel and Gretel. And I see people trying to interfere with it’s release no less asinine than when people try to ban Harry Potter. It’s people looking for something to be offended by and looking for a cause to make themselves feel better about just how “wiccan” they are.




One Response to “Life on the Defensive (ranting)”

  1. chefette13 Says:

    I totally agree! I watched the video and I don’t know if it’s because I’m fuzzy headed because I’m home sick from work or if it really is as confusing to play as seems, but I don’t think they have much to fear about, either way it’s only a game and it is teaching history. Good history or bad history it is teaching so we never go backwards. The trying to ban Harry Potter was just as stupid…for goodness sake, it’s a movie/book not everything has to be historical or true, they are supposed to be for our watching/reading/playing pleasure. That’s my two cents for the day. I wish you a Blessed Yule!

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