SQUEEL & Dublin Pub Sing

Something I’ve been wanting for a while now is a new garb. Now that the holidays are done with I’ve finally gotten in contact with the ORF seamstress and we’ve set a date to brainstorm/fabric shop!! I’m am squealing with delight right now! I really liked my former bodice but it had two problems: 1) It started coming apart towards the end of season. 2) It started to bow out at the stomach, giving me a muffin top look. I did my best to repair it, and it looks well enough, but aside from the fact that I altered it to fit my girlfriend, it had a more personal flaw.

I need to have a garb that says “matchmaker” especially if I’m going to continue doing Sallie Upson. I’ve had a lot of ideas flowing around my head, most of which have been posted here. Now That I’ve done a little more research I think I have something a little more solid to present to the seamstress. The key is to have something that looks a little more classy without loosing the peasant appearance essential to the character. I realized I’ve bee thinking a little too flat with my concept. Kat (also known as Lettice) was kind enough to give me the advice that any fabric with a pattern has to loom embroidered, a print won’t look period. I was a little afraid that an embroidered fabric would go too far into gentry. But then I realized that would only happen if I took it there.

I’m thinking that only the bodice should be embroidered, giving me the look of someone with a little more status (not too much) and then accompany that with cream and brown skirts. I also need to play it up a little more in my character, I didn’t really do that much this last year.

The best part of all this? Once my bodice is done, I can start practicing making my own with a template for my body! Eventually, I’d like to try doing a year in court garb. In order to accomplish that, I’m going to need an appropriate garb. Most of the patterns I’ve found are lacking for plus size women. Not to mention I want to be able to really get into the creation of these things. The intricacies of the gown astonish and delight me and Laura and I really want to try and make our own. I’m hoping with a template we can save at least some trial and error.

Also, Dubling Pub Pub Sing is coming up!! Do I know what that means? BARELY!

Apparently we all go to the Dublin Pub in Dayton (some in garb some now) and get drunk and sing. Just in time too cause I’m starting to need a Ren Faire hint! *taps inner elbow*

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