Oh What A Wanderful Morning

Okay so it’s Oh what a BEAUTIFUL morning but still…

So something I’ve been interested in for a while now is working on wands and staffs. I find them to be an almost irreplaceable part of basic Craft knowledge, especially when you factor in all the different woods, oils, crystal and rune combinations that can be applied. When I discovered that the bush right outside my door was Yew (Taxus baccata), well that just added an excuse for me to start up with my creative juices.

I selected a fine branch, relatively straight. I have a certain aesthetic I prefer when creating my wands. I like there to be a curve or bend in them so that my finger can rest comfortably on the arch while still connecting the handle to my palm. I also like to leave some bark at the handle. It feels more natural that way and it gives one the opportunity to really see how the wood is colored. I used 120 grit sanding sheets to strip the rest of the wand by hand. It didn’t take long, perhaps half an hour plus a little extra for rounding out the ends smoothly. Once I cleared off all the dust, I used organic Eucalyptus oil and spent perhaps another fifteen or twenty minuets working it into the wood fibers till everything felt shiny and smooth.

I am pretty happy with how this one turned out from the base. I will be getting my hands on a small wood burning tool soon so I can start putting runes into it. I am also tempted to set a crystal in the tip, although I’ve never had any strong proficiency with crystals myself.

Out of curiosity, would anyone here be interested in a Wand Giveaway?

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