Witch’s Are Crafty People

Yes I know it’s a terribly old and punny saying, but it’s also incredibly true.

Once every few years I pick my way through the obligatory Drawing Down The Moon by Margot Adler. It remains once of my favorite groundings books regarding the craft because it reminds me of certain immutable facts about our path.

Modern witchcraft is a giant patchwork quilt of concepts, ideas, practices and theories. The historical research helps, but just as often as not we are left to our own devices and must make it up as we go along. We are often having to draw from our own imagination in order to fill in the gaps for what we need to accomplish. And this leads to the crafting part of Witch Craft.

These last few weeks I have been at the Ohio Renaissance Festival. There is a person there who makes some of the most brilliant crochets I have ever seen. When I asked her where she found the patterns for her work, she chuckled and said she hates patterns, so she make it up as she goes along. Hey work is creative, well made, and very very beautiful. It made me think about how much we need to deviate from the prescribed concepts of our interests. Once you learn the basics and practice a bit, it isn’t necessary to limit yourself to what is already out there. Sometimes you need to stretch and experiment for yourself.

Of course this opens one up to mistakes and yes even disasters. But such is the nature of experimentation. You have to try and risk failure in order to achieve innovation!


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