A Time For Creativity

As the first blusterings of winter start to roll in, we naturally dwell more indoors. There is a subtle but definite shift in our habits. Meals become stockier, made to warm the belly and keep in the freezer. We sleep harder and better, cocooned in our blankets and pillows. Our clothing goes from style to comfort and we do whatever we can to maintain this till the thaw.

We are also more given to our creative impulses.

It’s something of a comfort to know that the cycle of life hasn’t really changed that much in the last few thousand years. The warm months are made for activity, action and productive work, physically based effort. The cold months are for mental awareness, letting our minds being to take over and flourish. I intend to use this winter to catch up on some much needed stocking of my witchcraft supplies, as well as trying out some new crafts I’ve been wanting to do for a while now.

I’ve been wanting to make invocation candles for Hecate for some time now. I used beeswax from Mountain Rose herbs (LOVE THEM), cedarwood amber (for it’s smoky, sweet scent), yew leaves and worm wood (both of which has symbolic connection to Hecate). It went rather well, good strong scent.

Beeswax, Cedarwood Amber, Wormwood, Yew leaves, red food coloring.

Beeswax, Cedarwood Amber, Wormwood, Yew leaves, red food coloring.

melting down wax

melting down wax

almost melted

almost melted

Finished Hecate candal

Finished Hecate candal

I also need to start putting work into my grimoire. it’s funny, once I decided to make one of my own I was so nervous about putting anything down in it! Doing something “wrong”. Putting something down that would fuck it up. but I finally decided to get started. Take my time and put into it the creativity that I enjoy so much.

Fall Foliage


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