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Winter Solstice

Posted in Uncategorized on December 21, 2013 by theredlass

So it comes. That time of the year when we are half way through the winter and the reclaiming of the sun is closer. The nights are still long and dark, but this gives us time for rest and recuperation. This is a time to think and consider ourselves and what are plans for the next year will be.

I have difficulty getting people to understand what the Winter Solstice/Yule truly is. After all, in it’s modern secular incarnation it looks an awful lot like Christmas. So I wanted to take the chance to explain how it has become more meaningful to my little family to celebrate our more pagan alternative.

This year my wife and I had a long conversation and basically decided to forgo Christmas. We have always celebrated both in turn, but for some reason this year we just did not feel like it. It seemed…stale. Hectic and unappealing. I am sure there are people out there who keep Christmas as the warm and loving time of year we remember from our childhoods. I am sure there are many who still see it as a sacred celebration of the return of God’s child. And this is all well and good. But what we decided to skip was the mad rush for presents, decorations, Christmas music, family visits, sweaters, holiday parties and all that stuff that just ends up being more exhausting and takes away from the meaning of the season.

-We ditched out 7 ft tall Christmas tree in favor of a slim, 5 ft.
-We decided to take every weekend after Thanksgiving and handmake our decorations. (NOTE: Look up Julbocken on Pintrest. You will fall in love!)
-We decided that the gifts we gave one another would be singular and handmade. Something we took time and effort to do for one another.
-We learned how to make homemade cheese, butter and gingerbread and will be giving out boxes to friends and family along with a home made Julbocken card! (Seriously Julbocken. They are friggin ADORABLE!)
-We refused to having anything to do with Black Friday.

We are still going over to families houses this Wednesday. Mostly because it is something that they expect and frankly my mother-in-law can COOK! but we’ve been having more fun making all our stuff for the house. We started off with the felt julbocken, then made orange slices with clove. We made cranberry and popcorn garlands and mixed cinnamon stick with dried orange peel for a candle display.