About The Lass

Name: Kalynn
Age: 28
Born: Texas
Resides: Ohio

I prefer to call myself a witch. Now what does this mean for me exactly?

A witch is someone who isn’t afraid to experiment. She keeps what works and rejects what does not. Regardless of path or traditions, she chooses to pursue the natural flow of magic, working within whatever realm is comfortable. Pantheons are far too confining, and while she may choose to call for the aid of a particular deity, this does not mean she has devoted her undying loyalty to it.

A witch is crafty, above all else. Much of her work is solidified through actual physical labor used in conjunction with spell craft and conjuring. Rarely will she be satisfied with praying over a candle to achieve her goals.

A witch is not afraid of natural cause and reaction. If someone attempts to harm her or those she cares for, she will strike back, on the physical or magical realm.

A witch is always eager to receive knowledge, no matter the source. She shows respect for the paths of others, even if they are not her own. For all paths that lead to wisdom are worthy of respect.


One Response to “About The Lass”

  1. An excellent foundation and purpose. This alone gives me cause to follow your blog. I will check out your other writings, though. 😉

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