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Hunter’s Moon

Posted in Documentary, Experience, Life, Ritual, Video with tags , , on November 11, 2011 by theredlass

The Hunter’s Moon rose over a chilled a demanding wind this November. But though the clouds had teased us with white flurries that evaporated the moment they touched the ground the night moon was clean and clear in the sky above. I could see out across the corn fields with startling clarity and I actually found the eerie light to be beautiful.

This is the time when I start to bring my rituals inside. It’s not that I mind the chill too terribly much, but to wood is too soaked to hold a fire for long and the offers tend to get blown over and rolled down the road. If the neighbors think I look crazy dancing around the fire wait till they see me chasing down the road after my incense!

I’ve been having an affair with the pomegranate as of late. I used it for my Samhain ritual and it was the very first time I’d ever tasted fresh pomagranate seeds. Now I have a tincture, honey and salve in the works. Makes me happy to have something of a plan ahead of time. I honestly enjoy having the time to sit within the household and work on these things. Makes me feel wonderfully domestic and witchy at the same time.

Laura and I spent some time on one another last night. We’ve been really stiff and sore lately, our joints and muscles aching when we wake up in  the morning. So I made up some lotion and we spent an hour each massing the muscles and getting our bodies to relax. It felt very nice getting to that point where your body isn’t feeling pulled and strained. Of course the down side is when you actually have to move afterwards and you REALLY don’t want to.*laughs*

Oh if you get some time take a peak at this documentary.

The Magic of Touch

Posted in Experience, Theory with tags , , on July 18, 2011 by theredlass

In our society, people as despondent. They remove themselves from the social significance of their fellow man and pull away from the intimate connection we share with one another. I believe this makes us disconnected from humanity, which in turn makes us more self absorbed and narcissistic, focused on our own well being over that of others.

Which is why I so thoroughly enjoy massage.

I like to touch people. I get a good sense of who people are by their physical responses to my touch. Most people aren’t used to skin to skin contact so they react a little stiffly and become quite shy. But none the less people respond well to massage. They seem to separate it from random touch. So when someone is stressed I offer a quick hand massage or shoulder rub to ease the tension and help them feel better. I think this works on a more than physical level, creating a sense of relatability and comfort that allows someone to feel a real, true human connection. This benefits their mental state of being and can help bring them back to normal.

One of my favorite things is to take a long hour and give my girlfriend a back massage. It helps her a lot physically because of her spinal trouble but at the same time I think it makes her feel appreciated, wanted and desired. And believe me not a bit of that is un-warrented 😀 But it also gives me a sense of how she is feeling. I touch her skin and I feel her emotions course through me, whats on her mind. Now mind you it’s not like I read minds or anything. I just have a few moments to really let the day sink in and think about things she had said earlier. I have a chance to see how the stress is effecting her and help her by either being there emotionally, physically or just by saying the right things.

It allows me insight. And sometimes that’s all we really need to know about one another. Just a little bit of insight that allows us to connect as human beings.