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Happy Vernal Equinox

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The goddess Ostara is much debated in the pagan community, mostly because there really isn’t a whole heck of a lot about her pre-8th century and we tend to be sticklers for that whole re-constructionist thinggy. But honestly what does it matter. Ostara is more for secular Wicca and paganism that anything else, so the title of the holiday doesn’t mean so much as the recognition of this time of year. This is the month of Cuithe, (March/April for our modern calender), when wind is prominent and flowers are finally coming forth. The druids called this time Alban Eiler, and it marked one of the four important quarters of the year for ancient Celts.

I have a lot planned for this celebration, so much so that I’ll basically be celebrating it all week! I have to decorate my alter, create a new ritual robe, spring cleaning is done thankfully, work on a new ointment for the ritual portion of my shop, and order some herbs for some of the lotions and such I am coming up with.

I also have been giving a lot of thought to my path as a witch. Something the Witch of the Forest Grove wrote really stuck with me. She talked in her Grimoire article Divisions of Witchcraft about the different roles one takes as a witch and how it effects their relationship to other witches and the divines/spirits they serve. Like many other witches, I am very attracted to the darker side of witchery, The skulls and bones of necromancy fascinate me and like any former goth I love the mystery and other worldliness of it. However I am forced to admit to myself that being interested in something is not the same as having an affinity for it. I like artwork too but that doesn’t mean I can draw for shit. Unlike so many others I have never had any experiences which would indicate to me a connection with the Underworld or it’s spirits and deities. I have textbook knowledge to some extent, but it’s not the same thing.

What I am good at is healing.

Now mind you I am not calling myself a witch doctor. I am not trained enough for that nor have I had enough practice in the ritualized aspect to say so. I would like to but witch doctors in southern Ohio are few and far between. What I do know is when my wife is in pain, I heat lavender oil and coco butter in an oil burner and rub it into her skin for hours, forcing her muscles to relax and, as she puts it, “Finding just the right spot.” I know when someone is hurting or depressed and I have often listened to strangers talk to me about their problems and (when asked) lent my advise and suggestions on their situation. (Which anyone who knows me will tell you that if you ask my opinion you WILL get honesty, so be sure you want it). I know when the house feels wrong and unclean and I can feel the shadows looking at me it is time to clean both physically and spiritually and to push the unwelcome advances out. I know when friends need to be comforted and hugged without asking and open myself to them as much as I can. I have become fascinated with the production of healing products, like salves, oils, tinctures and such and the effect of herbs on the body. I am currently learning as much as possible and I try out everything on myself first before releasing it for trail to friends.

I will stop short before it feels like I am bragging. I am not a doctor or witch doctor, but those in the craft know healing goes well beyond the physical and deep into the psychological and spiritual. I am a neophyte, but I want to learn. And for that reason I have begun to meditate on the goddess Sirona.

Spring Cleaning

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Every spring we clean. There is something cathartic (if exhausting) about it. The house has been closed up from snow and cold airs and people all winter. Even if this winter was by far less cold than on usual. But it does mean that things gather in the shadowy corners, like dust, spider webs and dirt in the deep recesses of the carpet.

So we rent a Rog Doctor and work all day till the house is clean and all the aged smells are swept outside.

The reason I bring this up is because there is a ritual to it. Not specifically in the cleaning itself, but in the clearing away of the old and the celebration of the new and fresh. The air here smells green and the sun feels so good on yours back it’s almost a loathsome thing to come inside.We bring in flowers and decorate the house in colors more befitting the season. We look around to see if anything needs to be fixed or trashed. It feels good.

Also, I have been having some trouble as of late with my alter. How to put this succinctly. My alter is lacking in personality.

I took some time to adjust things and turn the altar into a working space for my herbs and such. I felt it wasn’t disrespectful to use up more of the altar room for practical needs. But still I feel the alter lacking…almost churlish.

I will have to figure out what I want to do with it. But in the meantime I have made a small altar in the bedroom, one dedicated to love and sexuality. I am delicious in my sex life with my wife and those who know me know just how much. Now that it’s made it seems almost strange that we never had one before.