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One day…tea will save the world

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So I know I haven’t been posting here as often as I’d like. A lot of that has to do with me keeping up on my fair blog. but don’t let that fool you! I’ve been pretty active on the witchy front, especially lately. Something about this time of year really brings the witch out of all of us.

I got a really bad sinus infection a few weeks back, which, as always, turns into a persistent angry chest congestion that makes me wheeze and growl for two weeks. I tried everything to kill it, antibiotics, water, Mucinex DM (which held it off but felt like shit). Until finally I walked into this little booth I swear I have never noticed before called Standing Stone Herbs. They sell, duh, herbs. Culinary, medicinal, and teas. I saw this little package called Suzy’s Cold and Flu and figured it couldn’t do me any harm.

By the end of the weekend my cough was gone and I was feeling better by a ton!Ever since then I’ve been starting every day with a piping hot cuppa tea. I went back last weekend and bough another kind called “Witch’s Brew”, a yummy apple scented tea with deep fall reds and oranges in it. I’m likely going to be dropping a good $20 there before the end of season.

As far as our little group goes, we’ve been getting together whenever we can. It’s sporadic, but we usually manage about 2-4 times a month with all 5 of us and we’re discussing what we want to do for the upcoming Samhain. We even started making cloaks for ourselves!

Now I know the concept of cloaks carries with it a certain connotation in some circles, but to be honest, this is Ohio. Shit gets COLD come winter and if we’re going to be holding meetings, we need to be toasty. We bought a pattern as are hard at working putting it together. Everyone is picking their own colors and fabrics, but most of us are going double sided. I picked a lovely natural green shade (which is going to be Scotchguarded like a couch before buffalo wings) and then a black fleece side which will keep me toasty warm.

The funny part is when you combine that with the silver clasp I look like I’m in Slytherin house. 😉 Our dear sweet goth girl went with black on black. Laugh if you must but she’s one of the perkiest people I know and a wiz with rocks and stones. Our energy worker chose two lovely shades of blue (which fits her personality to a T). The last two members were working so we will have to work on their stuff later.

I know this may seem a little trivial, but this is the kind of stuff I miss doing with a group! Sometimes it’s hard to get yourself motivated without people to work with and sitting here, helping people cut patterns and working the sewing machine creates a sense of community. We decided we will be doing robes within the next month or so. Thankfully robes are simple as hell, but we can all add our own embellishments to them.

Let’s be honest, witches love our costumes.

We also decided to make a Samhain mead mixture! *squeel* I’m super excited! I’ve been wanting to do this again for a while but a 5 gallon batch isn’t cheap. But with all of us chipping in it should be fine.

Everyone is a witch…

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when Samhain rolls around.

I don’t mean it insultingly. I just can’t help but notice that as soon as Walmart rolls out the Halloween supplies I can’t help but notice an increased amount of pentagrams in the aisles. In fact, just today I was going through the fall decor aisles and I saw no less than three fellow practitioners roaming the aisles with me. I couldn’t help but smile.

But this leads me to wonder, is it just the time of year, or does this mean there are more of us now comfortable with being so aware of our own presence.





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I’m always uncomfortable with Other Peoples Religions.

Context…context should come first.

Recently a family member passed away and today we had to go to her funeral.

His Catholic funeral.

Around all his very Catholic relatives.

In the very Catholic church.

It’s not that I have anything against Catholicism…alright I do but it’s all on a political perspective and has little to do with the people who actually consider themselves Catholic. Who, all in all, are very nice people.(( I was asking my wife why everyone gave kind of a half knee before entering the pew and an older gentleman turned around with a smile and said “Yeah us Catholics do some weird stuff!” and then explained that he was genuflecting.))

But it’s not specifically the Catholicism, it’s about the rules and regulations of other religions. I’m always 50% wanting to show respect to the family and their traditions by participating and 50% aware that I’m not their respective faith and I’m pretty much just faking it not to seem out of place.